论文题目 发表年度
Prediction Interval Construction for Byproduct Gas Flow Forecasting Using Optimized Twin Extreme Learning Machine 2017
H-/H∞ fault detection observer design in finitefrequency domain for Lipschitz non-linear systems 2017
An Integrative DR Study for Optimal Home Energy Management Based on Approximate Dynamic Programming 2017
Imagined Hand Clenching Force and Speed Modulate Brain Activity and Are Classified by NIRS Combined With EEG 2017
Photoinduced Charge Transfer versus Fragmentation Pathways in Lanthanum Cyclopentadienyl Complexes 2017
Error analysis of large-diameter subaperture stitching Fresnel diffractive elements 2017
Trajectory evaluation for manipulators with motion & sensor uncertainties 2017
Determination of Cell Membrane Capacitance and Conductance via Optically Induced Electrokinetics 2017
Atomic Force Microscopy in Characterizing Cell Mechanics for Biomedical Applications: A Review 2017
Supervised and Unsupervised Subband Adaptive Denoising Frameworks with Polynomial Threshold Function (vol 2017, 5203214, 2017) 2017
110 °C range athermalization of wavefront coding infrared imaging systems 2017
Accurate extraction of the self-rotational speed for cells in an electrokinetics force field by an image matching algorithm 2017
A Bioinspired Alginate-Gum Arabic Hydrogel with Micro-/Nanoscale Structures for Controlled Drug Release in Chronic Wound Healing 2017
Phase mode nanomachining on ultra-thin films with atomic force microscopy 2017
A novel and facile method for detecting the lattice orientation of MoS2tribological surface using the SPSA process 2017
Traumatic fractures as a result of falls in children and adolescents A retrospective observational study 2017
The Local Microscale Reverse Deformation of Metallic Material under Laser Shock 2017
Influences of area ratio and surface roughness on homogeneous condensation in ejector primary nozzle 2017
Stochastic Approach for Feature-Based Tip Localization and Planning in Nanomanipulations 2017
Design and Analysis of a Mutual Inductance Coupling-Based Micro Deformation Sensor 2017
Energy-Efficiency Maximization for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Sensor Networks 2017
双目视觉立体匹配技术研究现状和展望 2017
基于随机方法的AFM探针位置最优估算研究 2017
The dynamic interactions between chemotherapy drugs and plasmid DNA investigated by atomic force microscopy 2017
Heterogeneous coexistence between cognitive radio networks: a Markovian jump system method 2017
Nanoscale imaging and force probing of biomolecular systems using atomic force microscopy: From single molecules to living cells 2017
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of multiple droplets impingement and coalescence in an inkjet-printed line patterning process 2017
不对称激励函数对水环境下合成射流激励器推力影响及其机理研究 2017
改进的单次散射相函数解析表达式 2017
Task-oriented hierarchical control architecture for swarm robotic system 2017