论文题目 发表年度
上肢康复训练机器人的研究 2017
Surface nano-hardness and microstructure of a single crystal nickel base superalloy after laser shock peening 2017
Single Image Dehazing by Latent Region-Segmentation Based Transmission Estimation and Weighted L1-norm Regularization 2017
An Event-Related Potential-Based Adaptive Model for Telepresence Control of Humanoid Robot Motion in an Environment Cluttered With Obstacles 2017
Mechanical Model of Dexterous Continuum Manipulators with Compliant Joints and Tendon/External Force Interactions 2017
Unilateral Laryngeal Pacing System and Its Functional 2017
Robustness Analysis of License Plate Visual Positioning Method in Vehicle Collision Warning System 2017
High-Throughput Fabrication and Modular Assembly of 3D Heterogeneous Microscale Tissues 2017
A novel approach for extracting viscoelastic parameters of living cells through combination of inverse finite element simulation and Atomic Force Microscopy 2017
Phase switching mechanism for wifi-based long distance networks in industrial real-time applications 2017
PCA-based denoising method for division of focal plane polarimeters 2017
Experimental study and machining parameter optimization in milling thin-walled plates based on NSGA-II 2017
Surface topography evolution of Ni-based single crystal superalloy under laser shock: Formation of the nano-scale surface reliefs 2017
Catoptrical rough set model on two universes using granule-based definition and its variable precision extensions 2017
Path Planning for a Space-Based Manipulator System Based on Quantum Genetic Algorithm 2017
Real-time depth camera tracking with geometrically stable weight algorithm 2017
On the use of H-inf criterion in channel estimation and precoding in massive MIMO systems 2017
Performance optimization algorithm of radar signal processing system 2017
A Contact-Aided Asymmetric Steerable Catheter for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation 2017
Nonlinear Modeling for a Water-Jet Propulsion USV: An Experimental Study 2017
H2/H∞ control for grid-feeding converter considering system uncertainty 2017
FUZZY P+ID Controller for a Constant Tension Winch in a Cable Laying System 2017
Effects of Laser Shock Processing on Fatigue Crack Growth in Ti-17 Titanium Alloy 2017
Research on a Hierarchical and Simultaneous Gravity Unloading Method for Antenna Pointing Mechanism 2017
Performance Analysis of the Industrial Wireless Networks Standard: WIA-PA 2017
Interfacial phenomena and characteristics between the deposited material and substrate in selective laser melting Inconel 625 2017
Design and control of a novel gastroscope intervention mechanism with circumferentially pneumatic-driven clamping function 2017
A novel under-actuated bionic hand and its grasping stability analysis 2017
Effects of laser shock processing on fatigue performance of Ti-17 titanium alloy 2017
Effect of laser shock on tensile deformation behavior of a single crystal nickel-base superalloy 2017